Getting to know Kim Milford

What do you do? 

Serving as the Chief Information Security Officer for UIUC is exciting and challenging.  With my fantastic staff, I have the opportunity to make strategic and tactical decisions about reducing risks to the privacy and security of institutional data as well as personally identifiable information for individuals in our community.  We do so through a variety of identity management, privacy and cybersecurity tools that protect technology assets, data, and people.  There are always new risks, so our work and the tools we use change over time.

What led you to this career?

Serendipity.  I was working in technology and finishing law school, looking for a way to combine my interest in both. Information security was just coming to light on the heels of early Internet worms and viruses.  It seemed like an opportunity to leverage my skills and learning and help start a new area of concentration.  I applied for a job, with no idea how big the need and the field would become.

What’s a song or type of music you listen to puts you in the best mood and why?

 Beastie Boys, generally Ill Communications and License to Ill albums

What makes someone a good leader?

A well-roundedness and the ability to leverage skills, experience, discussions, and education for any task

Where do you have the most impact?

Serving as a woman leader and skilling leaders up.  When I joined the CIC (predecessor to the BTAA) in 1998, there were more female leaders in information security than there are now in the BTAA.  That is a sad track record for diversity in this field.   It’s important that I’m there, that I represent and serve as a role model, and that I help to grow the next generation of leaders.